The big day has arrived, and it is precisely in the last hours, before the departure for my journey in the world, that the thousand fears take over, the fears of not being up to par, the first trip over the ocean, in countries with a culture totally different. The idea of ​​leaving had passed through my head several times, but maybe I was not ready, maybe more were the fears, those of going out of the box, of having to disconnect from what they have always transmitted on stability and that maybe there apparently makes you feel safe. But after months of thoughts, of silence, I realized that I would lose more by staying here, still, to convince myself unnecessarily that starting is useless, that I am satisfied, that I do not need anything else; yes, I need more courage to stay still, doing nothing, without following my adventurous dream around the world. The society transmits us stereotypes punctuated by precise events over time: the school, the diploma, the degree, the first job, the permanent position, the marriage, the purchase of the house, the children, the wait for retirement. It is almost incomprehensible to think that not for all happiness is a manual matter, everyone lives and feels it differently and with different times, just listen to yourself.

The distance this time is so, and to separate me from the affections there are about 7000 km, this is perhaps the highest price to pay along the journey. But I decided to leave, and it is not a selfish act, but pure love. A journey that takes me away from home to know even more myself and to rediscover the beauty of the universe.

I believe that each of us is looking for experiences, through experiences in new environments we gain knowledge by coming into contact with different realities. The journey is a unique experience, it means getting in touch with the local culture, opening the doors to the other in a comparison of reciprocity, of humanity. In a space dedicated to self-care, where to host the desire to listen to look for an absolute dimension of well-being.

A "journey into the world" that will start from India, an experience capable of changing life, an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world apart, suspended between past and future, letting yourself be transported by the myriad of feelings and contrasting emotions that nature and the vibrations of these lands are able to unleash. India, a majestic land with many contrasts, where ancient traditions and a glance towards progress, but also economic development and sometimes very difficult living conditions are opposed to each step.

6 months from south to north. A journey by land, where to get to know the culture and get inside, crossing secondary roads, looking for things that tourists usually do not see. Moving with public transportation used by local people, hitchhiking, autorickshaw, walking routes. A journey to immerse yourself in nature, feel the vibrations, discovering, walking, venturing between the villages and the culture of the place. Visit the various ashrams, always keeping in touch with the spirituality, symbol of India, a journey based on the continuous knowledge of myself.

All without giving me precise times, letting myself be guided by intuitions without huge programs ... letting things flow, letting me be transported by events and also by unexpected events: choosing a place and starting from there, even before so many unknowns.

Ready for #TheWayOfWanderlust